About Crearte Collections - ROXY REBORN
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CREARTE is a proud descendant of Spain’s first manufacturer of high-end upholstered furniture. The company was started in the late 1970’s by two out of work upholsterers after the original industry had fallen on hard times. In the past 40 years, the company has gone from being a supplier to major brands across Europe and Japan to working on grand scale projects for exclusive hotels across Europe. They’ve become a benchmark for quality and expertise in high end upholstered furniture with their most famous piece being their English leather Chesterfields. In 2011, Crearte decided to scale back and revisit their roots. They relaunched  their most successful models and developed new products with new materials that could respond to current needs and trends.  

I discovered this company  in a little village just outside of Girona, Spain and I was so impressed with their craftsmanship and values that I decided to represent them to my clients. Because they’re such a small family owned factory it’s possible for them to create custom designed pieces with any fabric. In my showroom in the of east Amsterdam I have sample furniture pieces and tons of fabric books. Come by and we can discuss the endless possibilities.